Not a Shred of Integrity Left

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Looks like what I’ve been saying about Science lately is, unhappily, true.

Scientific American–you remember that: it was a science magazine, once upon a time–has published a load of feminist crapola equating refusal to wear a face mask with refusal to wear a condom, both being an expression of–ooooh!–“masculine ideology” (

And guess what? It’s all Donald Trump’s fault! Dig that Science. Yep, he’s one of those “white men with epic swagger”–men who are not white are apparently okay–and “the high priest of this ideology.” None o’ those “emasculating face condoms” for them!


There’s no integrity in Science anymore. The most sensitive instruments cannot detect it. You look for a “scientific,” informative article, and all you get is some ditzy feminist Trump-bashing. Oh. And white men are bashable, too. And it’s not Hate Speech if you just hate them!

What about all those women who refuse to wear face masks?

Shut up, the Scientist explained.

When you mix Science and politics, all you get is politics.

7 comments on “Not a Shred of Integrity Left

  1. I’m glad you asked the (rhetorical) question about women who refuse to wear the masks. Actually, of all the people I know who refuse to wear them, the majority are women.

    “Science” is one of the newly redefined words — redefined to mean anything and nothing, but in this case mostly to mean “whatever I say and you’d better agree or I’ll have you cancelled.”

  2. What a load of drivel. I am a woman who only wears face masks under extreme protest.
    People wear them for three reasons.
    1. They genuinely think it helps.
    2. They’re mindless sheep who do whatever they’re told without question.
    3. It makes them feel virtuous and holier-than-thou.

    I don’t fall into any of those categories.

    I am so very, very tired of all this nonsense. I just wish it was over.

    1. I’m convinced now that Democrats want to drag this out to Election Day, and I suspect they entertain notions of making it go on forever.

  3. Good one, Lee. Now they are saying not wearing a mask is like driving a car while drinking alcohol. Have you ever met a person who has to wear a mask all day and they like it? Today my dentist told me at the end of his day he feels like he has been on an airplane all day having to wear a mask.

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