My Newswithviews Column, July 9 (‘The Enemy Is Here’)

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No, they don’t mean well. Not a bit.

What Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do to us with all their fleets and armies, the home-grown Far Left is doing with rioting and lies.

The Enemy Is Here

They mean to take down our country, they’re serious about it, and we’d better get serious about defending it. History shows me that it’s really not that hard to wreck a country. Building it up, that’s hard. Tearing it down, that’s easy.

Even college-educated idiots can do it.

7 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 9 (‘The Enemy Is Here’)

  1. If we just take fifteen minutes of time thinking, remembering and considering what is going on here, and if old enough, remember the 1930-40’s and refresh your memory and read again how it happened in other countries, it will soon become obvious what is happening here. Pray, watch, speak, do whatever you can in your individual circumstance. If we just sit and allow them to do it to us, then we asked for it.

  2. I will go and read your NWV column shortly. I’m sure I will find it interesting and probably helpful.

  3. A very powerful column, Lee.

    As a sidebar to what you’ve said about the mandates, the State has become the chief terrorist. We can sometimes fight back physically against rioters, but there’s no fighting back against the mandates.

  4. I just read your NWV column, and as expected, I certainly agree with you. I will share it with those I believe would be encouraged and informed.

  5. “When in doubt, mandate” – good one. If Christian parents would obey God and pull their children out of public/gov’t schools the whole house of cards would come tumbling down. Everyone is yelling for the schools to open back up – why? They will just continue indoctrinating our children in Marxism and Darwinism. Thomas Sowell has a new book out about the success of Charter Schools – that’s a good place to start.

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