Just a Little Question

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According to the Narrative put out by our free & independent nooze media, Joe Biden is our next president, Donald Trump is toast, we’re all just dying for a tax increase, and America is a racist hell-hole that needs to be completely torn down and paved over, etc.

How true is this? Maybe it’s just a boogie man under the bed.

Oh, they’ve got polls!

But is it true?

It’s hard for us to answer that question because just about all we hear about what’s going on out there is served up by the noozies, and all we’ve got to stack against it is what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. That’s always dismissed as “anecdotal evidence.”

So let’s play it safe. Let’s fight the Democrats like our country’s life–and our own lives, too–depend on it. Leave no work undone. Leave no truth unspoken. Leave no prayer unprayed.

And if it turns out they’re nowhere near as strong as the in-the-bag nooze makes them out to be, we can celebrate a landslide victory.

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  1. I never listen to those noozies, only read on line the articles written by people I trust; people who seem to have their heads on straight. I spend a lot more time in prayer and Scripture, and books by Christian writers than on the worthless babbel, so I think we are OK so far, but I know the battle will rage with everything our enemies can come up with.

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