‘Social Justice’ Demolished

Social Justice' is Overrunning the University of Texas — The James ...

We’re gonna need a bigger garbage truck.

Watch how easily, quickly, and simply Polish thinker Janusz Korwin-Mikke, three years ago, demolished the whole idea of “social justice.”

Polish Thinker Kayos ‘Social Justice’

Pity the poor fantasy writer these days, who has to compete with such towering flights of delusion as social justice, man-made Climate Change, fifty genders, and systemic racism. The stuff that we make up is nothing compared to this.

Only our fantasies aren’t used as the basic for absurd public policies that ruin the nations that indulge in them.

8 comments on “‘Social Justice’ Demolished

  1. And therein lies the difficulty. They want to invent truth (lies) and then peddle them to the unsuspecting. It is not fun the way they do it.

  2. Actually, I’ve always said that all justice is by nature social, since justice involves what one or more individuals owe to one or more other individuals, in other words, a social relationship. So the phrase “social justice” is merely a redundancy.

    1. Ah, but according to Derrida and the deconstructionists, “meaning” is always endlessly deferred anyway.

      Some of my fellow contrarians and I used to sing a little ditty at conferences, to the tune of “Camptown Races”: “Deconstructionists sing this song, Derrida, Derrida….”

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