The End of the U.S.S. Constitution

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The secretary of the U.S. Navy’s Office of Racial Justice, Capt. Horace Poohbah, has announced plans to decommission and scrap “Old Ironsides,” the U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest commissioned ship in the Navy.

“Like the Constitution itself,” said Poohbah, “this here ship is just a relic of a time when slavery was practiced in America and we don’t want to remember those times, do we? This ship is good for nothing, it can’t fight modern naval vessals, it don’t even have a engine–all it does is glamorize America’s disgusting history. It’s high time it went to the scrap heap!”

Poohbah said he was not “fully in on” plans to repeal and scrap the Constitution itself, replacing it with a “more modern” design for government, courtesy of China. “Next time I play slapjack with Old Joe, I’ll ask him about it. Heck, we been tryin’ to ditch that Constitution for years! But first the ship–we can do that–and then the document.”

The Constitution’s berth in Boston harbor will be taken by the U.S.S. Drag Queen, a destroyer. “It’ll destroy a lot of things,” predicted Poohbah.


Baptists to Clash Over ‘Critical Race Theory’

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Our friend “thewhiterabbit” has warned us to keep an eye on this year’s Southern Baptist Convention meeting, and urged us to pray for the delegates, that they will speak truth and do right.

The annual meeting starts on June 15 in Nashville, and among the major issues to be dealt with is “Critical Race Theory”–an academic euphemism for the “teaching” that all white people are born guilty of racism, etc. Believe it or not, there are those among the SBC who want the nation’s largest Protestant denomination to embrace this evil claptrap (

[Note the flagrant dishonesty of the Associated Press. Their description of CRT as “an academic approach to understanding systemic racism” slides “systemic racism” under the door, unexamined, unquestioned–while at the same time soft-peddaling CRT as something other than the hatful of hatred that it is.]

There can only be three possible outcomes–four, if you want to count lapsing into irresolute confusion. One, the SBC rejects this racist ideology. Two, the delegates all go mad and they sign on to CRT. Three, the SBC ruptures along largely racial lines.

Now… why would anybody countenance “teaching” children or adults to hate themselves, hate and fear each other, hate their families, hate their country, and hate their God? Why are we even discussing such an abomination as Critical Race Theory?

Because leftids want to gain power by manipulating Americans against each other–and the more chaos, fear, crime, and violence it brews, the better it serves their purpose.

We must not let them do this to us!

By all means, do whatever is just and feasible to mollify and appease the SBC’s black congregations. The church is, after all, a brotherhood–or at least is meant to be. But those measures must stop short of giving any kind of approval whatsoever to CRT.

All have sinned: the Christian faith admits this. But all sins are washed away by Jesus Christ. CRT is in stark contradiction to the whole New Testament. And why that should take the SBC more than ten seconds to realize, I don’t understand.

My Newswithviews Column, March 25 (‘It Just Plain Stinks’)

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The headline refers to our public education system, which just plain stinks.

It Just Plain Stinks

I think they made it bad on purpose–don’t you? With the schools controlled by Far Left teacher unions and crack-brained “education” theorists, Job. No. 1 for the schools is to produce mobs of useful idiots for the Democrat Party to manipulate as needed. This is why they want to keep lowering the voting age. With enough illegals pouring in and obtaining cheap citizenship, and enough hypnotized 14-year-olds voting, Democrats won’t have to go to the trouble of rigging elections anymore.

Why Do We Have to Pay for Evil, Stupid Public Schools?

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Once upon a time, schools were owned by the communities whose members paid for them. Somehow that went away. Now the schools are owned by Far Left fanatics who hate the rest of us–but we still have to pay: all the responsibilities of ownership, but none of the privileges.

East Side Community School, in New York City, has abused children and parents by sending out to “white” parents a kind of DIY Self-Hatred Kit to “convert themselves from white supremacists to white abolitionists” with the help of a handy-dandy “list of white identities” ( The long-term objective, explains the principal, is “dismantling whiteness and not allowing whiteness to reassert itself.”

As usual, it’s the liberals who are the most virulent racists of them all. You’d almost suspect they were trying to recruit for what is a largely imaginary “white supremacy” movement. Trying to get people to hate each other. Because then the Left can manipulate and rule them. Especially with schools and colleges filling their skulls with racist mush.

Gee, what would happen if a school principal sent such a hate-filled message to black kids’ parents? Think he’d keep his job for another half an hour?

To white people, to black people–we can get along! We can be friends, we can be good neighbors. We’ve all seen it done! It’s just that the Democrat Party race hustlers don’t want us doing it, and are trying to keep us from living in friendly peace with one another.

But we can still do it if we try. We have to ignore the race hustlers, reject them, spit on their shoes.

And while we’re at it, we need to correct the towering injustice of making us pay for schools whose teachers and theorists and administrators all hate us and want to trash our county, turning our children against us. It’s intolerable, that we should have to pay for this! That we should have no say in who teaches at our schools, and what is taught. Those ought to be things for us, the owners, to decide!

Please, please, please! Pull your children out of public school. The system is way too far gone to be reformed. It must collapse, and be replaced by something  better. Meanwhile there’s Christian school and home school: those are something  better.

Don’t let Far Left race hustlers teach your children to hate each other.

‘Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on “Ontological Blackness”‘ (2016)

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Living proof that colleges should be defunded

We just voted for four solid years of this schiff! At least, that’s what they expect us to believe.

Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on ‘Ontological Blackness’

You should have Melissa Perry’s troubles. When all you can find to complain about is “ontological blackness,” you have no troubles at all… and please shut up.

Thanks so much, colleges and universities, for giving so much evil nonsense a place to be heard.

My Newswithviews Column, July 23 (‘Robbed of Their Adulthood’)

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Would you believe it? I’ve still got internet access! Couldn’t do Newswithviews last week because I had virtually no access.

So here it is–and I’ve noticed, this week, that several conservative commentators agree with me on this.

Robbed of Their Adulthood

What liberals say about “minorities” is more insulting from anything you hear from anybody else.

They must want that free stuff awful bad, to put up with it.

More Cultural Vandalism

Top Famous Paintings in Art History Of All Time Ranked

Forbidden! Don’t they know a painting like this is… Systemic Racism?

A San Francisco art museum curator has been hounded out of his job for saying he would continue to buy art produced by white men (

And now art museums all over the country are scrambling to hire “curators of color” before Only BLM comes for their scalps, too.

Obviously the only solution to the problem is to impose a strict racial quota system on the art museums and beat anyone senseless who dares to question it.

This inane garbage has to stop before we have nothing left worth saving.


Is What We’re Seeing… Real?

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I can’t go to all those places and talk to all those people. What I see of the world, I see mostly through the window of the media. And I already know that the nooze media are 100% invested in some bogus “narrative” and that they lie at the drop of a hat.

So is what we’re seeing through that window real, or is it an illusion created by the media for a political purpose by carefully selecting sound bites and images whose effect is to deceive us into buying into their narrative?

You would surely get the impression, trundling through the nooze today, that virtually everybody now recognizes that America’s a racist hell-hole, police are homicidal monsters, white people are evil and need to be brought down–and what’s more, now they know it, and admit it!–and that the slightest word of any race hustler is tantamount to holy write.

But is that a true impression? Is it what’s really happening, or only what the nooze media want us to believe is happening? Remember, noozies never tell the truth if they can help it. Truth burns their lips.

You’d think our country was right on the brink of being overthrown and replaced by a race-based brass-knuckled socialist ant-hill, with no police but plenty of Antifa–and furthermore, that almost everybody wants this!

Will someone please stand up and tell the truth?

They’ve Invaded My Home Town

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There’s another plague been loosed on the world; and if the Red Chinese coronavirus doesn’t get us, this will.

The plague of race-hustling, character-debasing, mind-numbing, lying, loathsome… leftism. Mostly as practiced by white liberals with an insatiable need for virtue signalling.

We had it here on the corner of Main Street yesterday: some twentysomething white bacillus with his sign, “White Silence = Violence.”

Get it? If you don’t say what they want you to say, you have committed an act of violence! Actually, the only “violence” done here is to the English language.

The Democrat Party and the nooze media collude to try to make this “movement” look like it’s practically everybody and you must be a racist if you haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid. Internet trolls are adept at this: making half a dozen lefty losers look like ten thousand angry commenters.

Still, our town is a very small town, you wouldn’t think Far Left Crazy would even know it existed. But George Soros has deep pockets; and anyway the town’s full of liberals who want to be abused, who want to be found guilty of things they haven’t done.

This is anarchy. This is the path to a dictatorship. This is the way to the gulags. One more Democrat in the White House, and they’ll start setting up the camps.

Where is our resistance? Why are we not fighting this with all our might?

Once upon a time we would have.

“Watch ‘Roots’ or I’ll Kill You”

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Some weirdo in Iowa kidnapped a woman and threatened to kill her–and then spread her body parts “all over the highway”–unless she sat still and watched Roots… “so she could better understand her racism” (

It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been The Hand Made’s Tail.

Well, gee, wasn’t that nice of him? But he was only doing what most of our colleges and looniversities do to students deemed in need of an attitude adjustment–minus that bit about killing and dismembering.

This takes Social Justice to a new height indeed.

Anyway, the kook was arrested and charged with various crimes. Talk about sadism: that miniseries is nine hours long! And it’s all racial scab-picking, start to finish.

Maybe the next Democrat president will force us all to watch it, on pain of death.