‘What is a Nazi?’ (2017)

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According to leftids, anyone who isn’t them is a “Nazi.” For the benefit of apparently thousands of people who don’t know what that word means, I offer the following facts.

What is a Nazi?

Yeah, I know, I know. Joe Biden says “We prefer truth over facts!” Well, no one will ever accuse him of showering them with facts.

There’s something bitterly ironic about Antifa thugs calling other people Nazis.

11 comments on “‘What is a Nazi?’ (2017)

    1. That’s a bona fide Biden quote, you can probably find it on Youtube. Unless they’ve pulled it because it makes him look like an idiot.

    2. No one has to “make him” do that. He’s been doing it on his own lately.

    3. I hear he’s not going to make a speech at the Commie Convention, but rather will have a surrogate speak for him. I hear the chosen surrogate will be that waste of space John Kasich (Democrat posing as Republican). Joe will just keep hiding in his cellar.

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