The Killer Birds of Obann

We’ve borrowed a little footage from Tim Haines’ Walking with Beasts so you can see the kind of killer birds that stalk the plains of Obann. These are big! It’s no exaggeration to say one of them could kill and eat a grown man.

Once upon a time these birds were all over South America, dozens of different species, some of which eventually wandered into North America. We don’t know why they went extinct. Maybe SUVs killed ’em. Or Income Inequality. Or Donald Trump’s kids shot ’em.

But you can still find them in Obann, in my Bell Mountain books–along with a lot of other cool critters. Some of the people are a lot more dangerous than the big birds; read the books and see for yourself.

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15 comments on “The Killer Birds of Obann

    1. As Lee mentions, there was one down at Wally World, just last week. We see a lot of them during the hotter months. 🙂

    2. Wow! 🤣 That’s so amazing! Do be careful though. I’ve read that they’re pretty clever when it comes to hunting…
      Unless they go shopping at Wally World, that is.

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