‘Feminist Political Ecology, the Key to All Knowledge’ (2016)

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It’s hard to believe anyone consents to pay for this.

Y’know, there are times when it doesn’t seem like half enough merely to defund the colleges and universities. We begin to think more along the lines of tearing down, bulldozing, and sowing the ground with salt.

Feminist Political Ecology, the Key to All Knowledge

“Feminist political ecology”–what the devil is it, other than 100% pure crapola? This is what you’re getting for your tuition money?

Let’s hope you didn’t have to work too hard for it.

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  1. My old department at the university has given a course on ecofeminist poetry. That’s one of the more “normal” courses. The titles and/or course descriptions of some of the others are simply unprintable. I might even say unspeakable — in every sense of the word.

  2. The “key” to all knowledge is having the intelligence of knowing how to turn it, and the wisdom to know what the heck it is! Not gonna learn that in public schools.

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