Beating the Censors

Our friend “Re-Farmer” sent us this video in a comment yesterday, and I’m posting it here today so everyone can see it.

When I have a post that I think will probably be suppressed by Facebook–experience is my guide–I often head it up with a picture of happy puppies. This always gets it past FB’s robot censors.

Well, watch how this guy totally defeats the YouTube censors. You may, at first, fall for his trick and think he’s just repeating the same-old same-old–but stay with it, you’ll soon be applauding his resourcefulness.

Yes, we can beat Far Left Crazy. It’ll take hard work and ingenuity, but we can do it!

6 comments on “Beating the Censors

  1. A couple of my posts have been refused in the last couple of days, then my internet went down, and did some crazy things and fortunately, my son knew how to fix it, and praise God, I am back in business.

  2. Whatever effectiveness masks have are negated by improper use. People either wear the wrong kind, wear it for too long, wear it under their nose, or touch the mask and then touch their faces. That’s why I’m convinced they will never work for the general public. Dr. Henderson, who helped eradicate smallpox, agreed that masks should be reserved for medical professionals.

    I’m not a big fan of masks. In fact, I would say a lot of what we are doing not only does little to help but is not worth the economic and social toll it is taking. The virus is part of the ecosystem now and nothing we do will change that, but it’s hardly the end of the world. It’s just one more virus in a world already brimming with deadly diseases and viruses.

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