Hard at Work Today

His Mercy Endureth Forever

I want to spend the rest of this afternoon working on my new Bell Mountain book, Behold! And I wonder when I’m going to get some amazon customer reviews of No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever.

Meanwhile, I’m several thousand views down from my total for July of 2019, which is Verizon’s fault, internet outage and all. I wonder when the views will come back to where they were. Nothing I can do about it but to keep on working.

I have no idea where Behold! is going. God hasn’t shown it to me yet. I think (but I don’t know!) that the distant past and the distant future are going to clash somewhere.

Oh, for a glass of golden wine from Durmurot! Or a nip of stout Ninneburky ale.

Well, let’s go back outside and see what happens.

9 comments on “Hard at Work Today

    1. Gotta get the book finished before it’s too cold for the ink to come out of the pen. For some reason I just can’t write fiction indoors.

    2. Maybe you could find a writer’s retreat in warmer climes during the winter that has an outdoor option. I like access to natural sounds and views when I’m writing, as well, but I can still work inside, thank the Lord.

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