Teachers’ Strike Looming?

Smaller class sizes not proven but teachers strike for them

They’re whispering behind fans these days that if anyone dares to re-open the public schools, the teachers’ unions will go on strike.

That is not a bad thing.

Public schooling is a bad thing–and this is America’s best opportunity ever to get out from under an overpriced, underachieving, ideologically poisoned “education” establishment.

Read those professionally-printed signs: “On Strike For Our Students.” Anybody dumb enough to believe that has had to go to public school.

I can’t understand public education’s Svengali-like hold on parents. And instead of waking up, they send their children on to college! For more indoctrination into Far Left mumbo-jumbo!

Do you see those people rioting in the streets? Do you hear what they’re saying? The one thing they all have in common is they learned those ideas, they learned those sentiments, in public schools and college. That’s who taught them that America’s a racist hell-hole that has to be torn down. Don’t you see? Don’t you listen? Where is all that wicked nonsense coming from? It’s coming from what we naively and irresponsibly call “education”!

Oh, let the teachers’ unions go on strike! On strike for long enough for parents to learn their kids can do without those teachers and those schools. And certainly without those so-called “lessons”!

Oddly enough, it’s the alleged conservatives who are hottest to trot for opening the schools again. No wonder conservatism in America has taken such a beating: it’s because conservatives are stupid! I mean, we know what those schools are all about, our own people have pointed it out to us a million times–and we want the kids to be “taught” there–by left-wing jidrools? How dumb is that? All you’re ever going to get out of that is bigger riots.

You’d think the teachers’ unions would be salivating over the chance to get hold of America’s children again and finish the job on their minds. Are they afraid the Chinese Doomsday Virus is gonna kill them if they set foot back in school? Why don’t they want to go back to work? Is it just the pleasure of getting paid while not working?

But the important thing is, this is our best chance to grab our freedom back and never give it up again.

Without public schooling, Far Left Crazy in America is dead.


6 comments on “Teachers’ Strike Looming?

  1. The teacher’s union may be framing their own demise. The world might discover that they are not as necessary as they imagine. I had some great teachers, back in my school days, but I had more than a few that were all but worthless.

    I have had co-workers, in the past, whom had been teachers. Pretty much, universally, these people had no concept of budget realities, no concept of how their work affects others, etc. I came away with the feeling that they didn’t live in the real world. They may find that they have outsmarted themselves into the unemployment line.

  2. If they stay on strike long enough, more and more parents will find other ways to educate their children — as they’ve already begun to do. Maybe they can even group together to hire some of the teachers who’ve been fed up with the school system and want to teach somewhere outside the lockstep.

    1. There must be a multitude of Christian teachers who are tired of having to keep their mouths shut and suck up gallons of Far Left hooey.

      Remember, everybody: Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

  3. Our senator here in Arkansas, Tom Cotton, has propose a bill to withhold any federal funding to a school that teaches the 1619 Project curriculum. Things like this are a start.

    1. Why we are expected to let fools turn our children against us and our country is more than I know. Why we actually do it is even more perplexing.

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