‘Lib Loons Embrace Big Business’ (2017)

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There are some things money can’t buy, sunshine…

I agree fully with the ancients that it’s possible to contract a spiritual pollution; and here’s a new way we’ve invented to do it.

Lib Loons Embrace Big Business

The ancient Greeks, who did get a lot of things wrong, believed that an individual, a family, a city, or even a whole nation could catch spiritual cooties and from then on, nothing would be right.

Somehow the combination of Far Left Crazy and Big Business suggests a more than usually deadly spiritual pollution.

It is a danger to our country.

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  1. Christian Evangelist Mario Murrillo of Southern California has analyzed the structure of what is happening in our country. Here is his take: Street rioters

    Leftist professors

    Marxist/Socialist leaders

    Democrat Politicians

    The Deep State (Barack Obama, et al.)

    Globalists (George Soros and Co.)


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