The Squeaky-Toy Frog

Jambo, everybody! Mr. Nature here–with a tiny African frog that sounds just like a dog’s squeaky-toy.

Actually, this frog is angrily defending his territory. He needs to work on his threat display. Puffing himself up, that’s a popular frog tactic. It’s the squeaking that makes him as cute as a button.

God’s stuff–it’s just way cool.

8 comments on “The Squeaky-Toy Frog

  1. My cat Iggy makes sounds like that when I’m being too slow about putting his food down on the floor for him. 🙂

    I’ve never seen a frog like that. Frogs are cute. (Lydia, are frogs on your yuck list also?) 🙂

    1. My favorite frog is the grey tree frog. I had one that used to perch on my finger like a parakeet and snap up mealworms from my other hand. These little guys tame fast; and they also sing. I had four of them who used to sing all night until my roommates compelled me to let them go. The frogs, that is–not the roomies.

    1. 😂Oh, for real!? Of all days… I didn’t read the comments above mine before I commented! That is hilarious!!
      Yes, of course they are on my yuck list.

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