‘Lib Loons Embrace Big Business’ (2017)

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There are some things money can’t buy, sunshine…

I agree fully with the ancients that it’s possible to contract a spiritual pollution; and here’s a new way we’ve invented to do it.

Lib Loons Embrace Big Business

The ancient Greeks, who did get a lot of things wrong, believed that an individual, a family, a city, or even a whole nation could catch spiritual cooties and from then on, nothing would be right.

Somehow the combination of Far Left Crazy and Big Business suggests a more than usually deadly spiritual pollution.

It is a danger to our country.

My Newswithviews Column, March 12 (‘Never Give In’)

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They’re ruining it–why?

Some of you will realize that this was published here last week as a blog post, and that I’ve just expanded it a little for Newswithviews.

Never Give In – Never Give Up

Well, why not? I feel strongly about being subjected to spiritual and cultural pollution, and I can’t help thinking there’s a lot more of that sentiment out there than people dare express.

Leftism soils and debases everything–yes, everything–it touches.

Can Anyone Explain Why We Do This?

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How civilizations die

Believe me, I wish I were writing a “Memory Lane” about the Magic 8-Ball, or a Mr. Nature spot, or even Oy, Rodney–anything but this dreary, spiritually toxic trash. But we can’t defend our culture if we don’t know who’s attacking it.

Sexual revolutionaries and psychotics, enthusiastically sponsored by the Democrat Party and all other political leftids, are taking a wrecking ball to Western civilization–which once upon a time was known as “Christendom,” but has forfeited that honorable name.

Today’s vileness is a slickly-produced video of “the Drag Queen Alphabet,” intended for young children (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/elise-ehrhard/2020/03/02/decider-article). I have provided the link only so you don’t have to take my word for it that this is happening.

Under the tutelage of an intensely disturbed man done up as a woman, kiddies whose parents subject them to this video can learn all sorts of Drag Queen sexual slang–just the sort of thing every 6-year-old needs to know! And note how the craven noozies use the feminine pronoun “she” to denote this man.

Why are we doing this? Why are we allowing it to be done? What possible benefit can there be in it?

The whole Western world has incurred a spiritual pollution from which it will not be easy to cleanse itself.

O Lord our God! Remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Now I’m Cheesed Off!

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Once you go down there, you can never come back up

Back in September some perky publicist pitched me a book “re-telling Bible stories without an angry God.” I didn’t think we needed anything like that. We’ve already gotten enough to incur a spiritual pollution. So I told them to get lost.

‘Bible Stories Without God’

Would you believe it? He’s back! Back with another invitation to read and review this monstrosity. I mean, come on! “Gay lovers in the sanctuary cities of Sodom and Gomorrha”? Does this come with a barf bag, or do you have to provide your own?

Apparently my first refusal, months ago, struck the perky publicist as somehow ambiguous. So I guess I’ll have to try again.

No, no, no! Not if you put a gun to my head! I will not soil myself, I will not insult my own soul, by reading this toxic, heretical trash. And you’ve signed yourself up for a long, long stay at Club Hell, unless you repent now and tell the author you will not represent him anymore.

Personally, if it were up to me, I’d smite the pair of you with lightning and be done with it today: “So perish all who do the same!” You’re lucky the God you hate is much more merciful than I am.

But if He listens to me, he’d smite you.

More Spiritual Pollution

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So tell me how we’re not incurring more spiritual pollution, as a nation, by entertaining evil stuff like this?

Abortion is “an event to be celebrated.” ‘Cause “a fetus is not a person.”

This is the latest hashtag horse****, “Shout Your Abortion,” and mega-star Oprah Winfrey has endorsed it in the July issue of her O magazine (https://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/item/29845-oprah-promotes-shout-your-abortion-movement). As the most famous moral imbecile in America, Oprah has a lot of clout. There are rumors that some of her fans–probably only a few million of ’em, nothin’ to get excited about–don’t particularly resonate to Oprah’s new baby-killing look.

But I think we figured this out a couple of years ago when pro-aborts chanted “Hail, Satan!” in their demonstration.

There is probably a limit to the amount of spiritual pollution we can accumulate before our society chokes to death on it. I would rather not be here when we reach that limit.

Spiritual Pollution

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The ancient Greeks believed that if certain evil acts were done, and not atoned for, the whole community would incur a spiritual pollution; and for as long as that remained, their city could not prosper.

We find this in the Bible, too: it wasn’t just a Greek thing. In Dueteronomy 21, God gave Israel a procedure for correcting spiritual pollution, involving the sacrifice of a red heifer “If one be found slain… and it be not known who hath slain him” (v.1). The community nearest the location of the unsolved murder would perform this sacrifice, and “So shalt thou put away the guilt of innocent blood from among you,” (v. 9). The intent of several such rituals, throughout the Mosaic Law, was to rid the community of a spiritual taint.

They were wiser than we are today.

Fast-forward to our own benighted age, with godlessness run wild, no repentance, and outright denial that certain acts, for long ages considered to be grave sins, aren’t sins at all. How many nanoseconds do you need, perusing the news headlines on any given day, to see that this is so?

A few miles down the road from my front door, a local public library, using public funds, hosted a “Drag Queen Story Hour” for the kiddies, to get them trained for “inclusion” and “tolerance,” blah-blah. If activities like this do not bring on a spiritual pollution, what will?

But we live in an age of folly and moral anarchy, whose main preoccupation seems to be to compel acceptance of every species of fornication devised by fallen man. And it looks like the wicked are succeeding in their enterprise.

God ordained for us to be born in this evil age for a reason. I don’t know, for sure, what that reason is; but I think it’s because He put us here to speak the truth, in defiance of the evil follies of this time. To speak the truth even if the world will hate us for it. To keep the lamp of truth burning. I think this is what our Lord Jesus Christ meant when he told us, “Occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13).

We don’t sacrifice red heifers anymore. Christ is our sacrifice, once and for all.

But we don’t seem to be doing that much occupying anymore, do we?