‘More Festival of Idiocy’ (2017)

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Honk if you’re tired of this schiff.

This Far Left tantrum has been going on since Election Night of 2016.

More Festival of Idiocy

The problem is, they did succeed in taking the House in 2018. Well, waddaya know! The endless tantrum worked! Let’s step it up for 2020!

So we have the Diversity mob stamping out every trace of diversity, and the Pro-Choice crowd taking away everybody’s choices–and alleged “polls” that say yeah, you bet, this is how America wants to live!

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned any of this on a Sunday… but somebody ought to.

8 comments on “‘More Festival of Idiocy’ (2017)

  1. I’ve seen these attitudes for much of my life. Basically, it’s claiming offense at any opportunity, even when no offense is intended. I saw it practiced by a few people in high school, and it’s popped up in various places throughout the rest of my life. Usually, it was claimed to be for a greater cause of some sort, but it always boils down to throwing mud and hoping that the target is too intimidated to defend themselves. Sadly, it seems to work all too well.

    1. I knew a kid whose grandfather, a retired Army colonel, used to pay him a dollar for every day he didn’t have a tantrum. I wonder what this guy is like now, 55 years later.

  2. The reason the House was won by the Dems in 2018 was because of the Mueller investigation still going on, even though they knew a year earlier there was no collusion with Russia at all. It was a gambit to fool the American voter and it worked. But this time no Mueller investigation, and no impeachment trial pending, but only riots in the streets and people burning Bibles – not going to work Communists, I mean, Democrats.

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