We has Banneded Wite Peeple!!!

The Insanity of Self-Censorship: Climate Change, Politics, and ...

Heer at the Stoodint Soviet we has “bin” wundering lyke Crazy “wat” To Ban necksed!!! One gye he “whanted” “to” ban Vowelcaynose butt we hasnt got one “Of” thoze! Somb boddy Elss thay whanted to Ban meeat and maik evry boddy “be” Veggians but It have all reddy bin done lots “Of” tymes “and” wee whanted somb Thing noo!!!!! And then finelee our cheaf commassarr ze sayed we shood Ban Wite Peeple!!!!!

First we thinked It “was” “a” Grate Idear but thenn sumb Boddy thay sayed but “moast Of us wee Are wite” “and haow Are we sapozed to Ban Our Selfs??”?” Wel as yiu Can eezally amajin it reely Puzzzled us foar Quyte A Wile!!!! Butt that “was” ownlie untill sumb Boddy elss thay sayed we cood “jist” “Ban” the lettor W!!!!! Jist not say it Or rite It anny moar!!!!!!!!! So iff we whanted “to” say frinstints “Awl wite peeple They “are” Racists then” we wood has to say “Awl Ite peeple thay “Are” Racists!!!””! And wurds like With and Wash and Wommbat thay wood be Ith and Ash and Ommbat!!! Watt cood “be” Simmpuller??? OOps!! I shood of sayed Att cood be Simmpuller! This heer it “is” “nott” as Eezy as it Loooks!!!

Of coarse it “is” diffakult to think Of “al that” menny Ords (sea, i got it that tyme!!) Itch has a W in themb!!! i cood onlee think of Nyne oar Ten my self!!!! And then sumb Boddy thay sayed “Itts hot in heer, open a Winn Doe”” and he shoor gotted a Saprize wen–oh dam! He got beet up and then i got beet up for not saying En!!! My moth antenners thay all-most gotted puled Out “bye” The rooots!!!!!

If thiss it Orks out then E Ill Ban anether Lettor neckst Eeek!!!!!!


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  1. Joe is smarter than I thought. I would never have imagined that he knew 10 words that start with W, or for that matter, I didn’t know that he could count to ten. 🙂

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