What About the Comment Contest?

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G’day, seekers of truth! Byron the Quokka here, with a bedraggled comment contest that’s had to contend with five weeks of computer problems. We were shooting for 64,000, we now have 63,654, so that leaves 346 comments to go, according to my abacus.

But now the repairs have been made, the blog refurbished, and I’d like to ask you something: should we stick with the goal of 64,000 comments, or move the goalpost back to 65,000, to give us more time to have fun with it without being distracted by on-and-off internet access and all the rest of that mess? What do you prefer, dear readers?

Although nobody new signed up in July, we now have 1,600 followers here. I wonder if we’ll ever get up to 2,000.

Whew! It’ll be nice to get back to setting up Quokka University. We’re still trying to decide what kind of leaves and twigs to serve in the cafeteria.

7 comments on “What About the Comment Contest?

  1. I suppose it would be fair — and more conducive to people getting back into conversational mode — to reset the goal at 65,000, especially since we’ve spent the last 200 comments or so on “hey, I can’t see/post the comments” and “down with WordPress” and “hooray for Jill” variations. (Not that I begrudge Jill the hoorays, and I’ll add another hooray right now.) But I’m okay with whatever everyone else wants.

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