28 Million Mail-In Ballots… Missing

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Cal Thomas: 28 Million Mail-In Ballots Have Gone Missing - 2020 Is Too Important To Mail In

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Let’s shake the cornucopia of bad and discouraging nooze and see which rotten apple falls out first. Ah, here we go! 28 million reasons why we should not have mail-in voting.

Cal Thomas: Did You Know 28 Million Mail-In Ballots Have Gone Missing?

Cal Thomas, writing in the Western Journal, says he voted by mail twice–because the Post Office couldn’t find his first ballot and so sent him another one… and of course the first ballot showed up after the second was received. “Multiply my experience by 100 million… and the problem should be obvious,” he said. Better make that “screaming obvious.”

In Nevada alone, almost a quarter million mail-in ballots had to be thrown out because they had an incorrect address. The Post Office reports that 28 million, nationally, have gone astray during the past decade. 28 million.

And we’re not even talking purposeful fraud. Mail-in voting gets down on its knees and begs for fraud. Democrats will be only too happy to oblige.

Look, if it’s too much trouble to go down to the polls and vote in person, then don’t vote. Too many people vote in our elections, anyway.

It’s not that hard to wreck a country. It’s been done a great many times in history. It’s being done now, to ours. By liberals.

Don’t let them do it.

7 comments on “28 Million Mail-In Ballots… Missing

  1. You say “Don’t let them do it?” But how can we stop them? — especially when the voting system has been so compromised and are becoming more and more so? (Those are serious questions. I just can’t come up with any workable answers right now.)

    1. We have our brains, we have our pens and computers, we have the truth, and we have recourse to prayer. The enemy has no truth to offer, and their prayers are an abomination. I say we make like Caleb and go forth trusting in God.

  2. I get stressed thinking about this. I just voted in town at the the voting commission headquarters and had no problem. It was all in and out with the six-feet distance and mask-wearing rules in place. Not an issue. No need for mail-in voting. None whatsoever. It’s all designed to ensure that Trump fails in November. That’s all it is.

  3. The Left (especially Obama) have always wanted mail-out ballots – it is like a bank without any security whatsoever. They are using the Covid-19 as the reason – same reason Joe Biden hides in his basement.

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