‘”White Privilege Tax”: Are Liberals Retarded?’ (2015)

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Five years ago–God help us, this nonsense has been going on for five yearsand we haven’t stopped it?–Mr. Dice went out with his videocam and microphone to record babbling idiocy by liberals.

‘White Privilege Tax’: Are Liberals Retarded?

If nothing else, this testifies to the sheer toxicity of our public education system. Or, as one schoolboy put it to me once, “My teacher says that communism has a lot of good ideas!”

Is it a “privilege” to be blamed for everything? To be expected to pay for everything?

But liberals have always been very, very good at using “Divide and Rule.”

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  1. It’s almost impossible to convince some people that if a supposedly non-privileged or oppressed person can ridicule, castigate, and punish someone who supposedly IS privileged — and can do it with no bad consequences to him- or herself — then it’s the supposedly non-privileged person who has the privilege. Or, to put it in schematic form:

    1. Person A may criticize, ridicule, attack, fine, tax, or steal from Person B without suffering any bad consequences.
    2. Person B, however, may not even criticize Person A or else will suffer bad consequences.
    3. Who, then, has the privilege? Person A who may do anything to Person B, or Person B who may NOT do anything to Person A?

    Can’t put QED after a question, so imagine the QED after the only logical answer to the question in #3.

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