‘”White Privilege Tax”: Are Liberals Retarded?’ (2015)

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Five years ago–God help us, this nonsense has been going on for five yearsand we haven’t stopped it?–Mr. Dice went out with his videocam and microphone to record babbling idiocy by liberals.

‘White Privilege Tax’: Are Liberals Retarded?

If nothing else, this testifies to the sheer toxicity of our public education system. Or, as one schoolboy put it to me once, “My teacher says that communism has a lot of good ideas!”

Is it a “privilege” to be blamed for everything? To be expected to pay for everything?

But liberals have always been very, very good at using “Divide and Rule.”

‘”White Privilege Tax”: Are Liberals Retarded?’ (2015)

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These white people wouldn’t have to pay it.

This was only a joke, three years.

Put Democrats in power, and see how long it stays a joke.


Sorry to mention it again: but the vote is tomorrow, and those people have got to be crushed. Hopefully for good.

‘White Privilege Tax’: Are Liberals Retarded?

So just for a joke, mind you, just kidding, Mike Dice went out to ask people to sign a petition supporting a 1% “white privilege tax” on white people for being white.

Watch how eagerly they sign! True, a very few refused to sign. One thought it was an “awful” idea, the other was sure it was a joke. (Both of those individuals are black, by the way.) But everybody else? Wow! All they had to hear was the usual ca-ca about how the money will be “redistributed” to them, and they were all aboard. Never mind if the persons belonging to assorted Cherished Minorities were standing there in several hundred dollars’ worth of trendy clothes and were only slightly less white than talcum powder. They are “oppressed!” They must be paid!

Of course, as a black man trapped in a white man’s body, I would hope that I would never, never have to pay such a tax, if it ever came to be. I wonder what angle rich liberals would use to get out of paying. But then prominent liberals never pay their taxes anyway.

This time, folks, it was a joke.

Next time, God help us, it might not be.

Check out the video. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/07/hysterical_liberals_sign_petition_promoting_white_privilege_tax_on_white_people.html