What Pandemic?

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Since the Great Chicom pandemic hit, months ago, I’ve continued to visit the supermarket two or three times a week. I went this morning, and had an interesting conversation with my cashier.

“You know I come here all the time,” I said, “at pretty much the same time every day. And in all this time, I’ve always seen all of you at your posts. If you don’t mind my asking, has anybody here had COVID-19?”

“Not one of us,” she said. “We’ve been here every day, for months, and no one’s gotten sick.”

“And I’ll tell you something else,” she added. “If Trump loses the election, the day after Election Day–poof! No more virus.”

I thought that had a ring of truth to it. “Unless,” I said, “they want to keep it going as a way of controlling people.”

“They might,” she agreed.

Sure doesn’t sound like any devastating plague to me. Honk if you think the cashier got it right.

8 comments on “What Pandemic?

  1. I’m having the same kind of conversations with people who work at the stores where I shop — except for one cashier who’s become so afraid of germs that she says she’s going to keep wearing the mask even after we’re told we don’t have to wear them any more (if that ever happens).

    When ordinary people see through the politics but know they have no choice, that’s genuine tyranny.

  2. I think there’s a lot of truth to that, but I also think they love their newfound powers. They’re doing the same thing all around the world after all. People have been far to willing to give up their freedoms for the sake of a little (false) security).

  3. I can see Biden/Harris using this to continue controlling people. I just hope and pray that they lose and lose big time.

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