Good News? Dare We Hope?

Black Lives Matter thugs recently invited themselves into a “gentrified” neighborhood in Seattle and demanded that white people give up their homes. We have not heard of any residents agreeing to this.

Dr. Steve Turley’s video (above) asserts that all the race rioting and Antifa thuggery our country has experienced this year is creating a “massive surge in support for the re-election of Donald Trump”; and furthermore, this has always happened in the past under similar conditions. He predicts that historically solid Democrat counties nationwide are going to turn to Trump.

It’s part, he says, of a “collapse of secular globalism as our ruling political paradigm.”

He makes a strong argument, and we pray it’s true. He also promotes his new book, President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future. I pray that that’s true, too: secular globalism needs to be collapsed.

Meanwhile, all of us who are not socialists and left-wing crazies need to make absolutely sure we vote, all of us, in all our numbers: and not only vote, but encourage friends, family members, and neighbors to rally for the defeat of the Democrats’ radical and racist agenda.

We do not want to be the next Venezuela.

8 comments on “Good News? Dare We Hope?

  1. Absolutely. We need to call upon every scrap of logic we can muster. The Bible warns us about all this, but God always has a solution if HIS people will do their part. (II chronicles 7:14)

    1. What a wonderful reminder: ” if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” We, and many other people on this planet, are in great need of healing.

    1. When I was seven years old, a wave of Hungarian refugees arrived in my county, fleeing communism. I knew a family that literally had to crawl under the barbed wire to get out. The communists were shooting everybody.
      Someday Democrats will work their way down to that level.

    2. Your story reminds me of that of my mother in South East Asia, the commies trying to stop refugees, shot up a bus, everyone fled into the vegetation and they continued to shoot while my mom was a young woman carrying one of my cousins. Them killing fields are real in Europe and Asia wherever Commies take over. Our family’s love for our country is real, and we’ve certainly have fought for the US in more than one generation, and Lord willing the next too…

  2. www, is a group pushing for GOP voters to turn out. In Michele Obama’s pre-recorded speech last night she said how much she loves America, then painted a picture of America as racist and how it will be getting worse under Trump. Her hatred for traditional America was seething through her words.

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