Achtung! You Must Walk Your Dog! Twice a Day!

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Boy, authoritarianism is bustin’ out all over–although it doesn’t take much to wake it up in Germany. They’ve got a taste for it.

Their newest diktat is the Hundernordnung–has a ring to it, doesn’t it?–“the Dogs Act,” which will require dog owners–yes, require–to walk their dogs twice a day for at least an hour each time (

“Science” says so! And the orders of Science must be obeyed!

We do not deny that dogs need exercise and stimulation. But is everything the business of the government? Is there no point at which you can stop it and declare, “You can’t go that far”? Is no door shut to government?

They want to put leashes on us.


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  1. I suppose that anyone who fails to obey this law will wind up in jail … thereby leaving the dog with no one to walk it at all, or even feed it, or cooped up in a pound where there are no walks and eventually euthanasia. Typical.

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