Erasing the Brits’ Adulthood

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“Sit still, stupid!”

Oh, boy! Looks like they’re headed for lifelong 24/7 supervision by government needleheads in dear old Britain. Say goodbye to adulthood, cousins!

Now a local government job center has ruled that the owner of a small salon can’t advertise for a part-time “happy, friendly stylist” because… wait for it… that would be “discriminatory” against UNHAPPY people!

No, I did not make this up.

What? Is happiness or unhappiness now an immutable characteristic, like skin color, which must be micro-managed by nimrods in the government? Once you’re unhappy, will you ever be allowed to be happy again? Well, gee, if you can change your flamin’ “gender” anytime you feel like it, you should be able to get some kind of drug or surgical procedure that’ll change your mood.

Is any human transaction too small for the government to interfere with?

Is the salon owner supposed to settle for a “hostile, terribly depressed” stylist? Someone who’ll say to a customer, “Siddown, you ugly cow! You think you’ve got troubles? Hah! My life sucks like you wouldn’t believe!” And then starts sobbing her eyes out.

Yeah. That’d be great for business.

And we consent to be ruled by these people?

We must be crazy, too.

Achtung! You Must Walk Your Dog! Twice a Day!

Relationship Goals Failed: Woman Walks Man With A Leash - Goody Feed

Boy, authoritarianism is bustin’ out all over–although it doesn’t take much to wake it up in Germany. They’ve got a taste for it.

Their newest diktat is the Hundernordnung–has a ring to it, doesn’t it?–“the Dogs Act,” which will require dog owners–yes, require–to walk their dogs twice a day for at least an hour each time (

“Science” says so! And the orders of Science must be obeyed!

We do not deny that dogs need exercise and stimulation. But is everything the business of the government? Is there no point at which you can stop it and declare, “You can’t go that far”? Is no door shut to government?

They want to put leashes on us.