‘By Order of the Governor’

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So I went to the store yesterday to get some cigars; and all over the place were posted these notices with the headline, “By Order of the Governor.”

What? Had I blundered into a World War II movie set in occupied France? I’ve lived in this state all my life and up till now, never, never, never saw any sign that read, “By Order of the Governor.”

Achtung! Anyone failing to obey the orders of the Kommandant will be shot!

It’s all coronavirus horse-schiff, of course. You must wear your masks! You must stand six feet apart! You must obey all orders!

This is what happens when our bosses–I can’t bear to call them “leaders,” trying as hard as I can not to follow them–lose all fear of the people. Our country’s founders hoped to spare us that, but even their wisest constitutional provisions are no match for the acting out of Original Sin.

We need to give those office-holders back their fear. For as long as they despise us, they’ll abuse us.

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  1. Are they not paying attention of what’s happening in NYC, L.A, and other Dem cities because of these draconian measures? They’re strangling these cities to death, all for the sake of public safety of course.

    1. They can’t help it, they’re high on a power trip. This is what leftids live for–messing around with other people’s lives. They can’t not do it.

  2. Psalm 62 describes this situation perfectly. “Ordinary people are merely a breath, important people a SHAM; if you lay them on a balance scale, they go up both together are lighter than nothing.” I tried to post this and a few other short remarks, on facebook. so far it has not been posted there.

  3. Joe Biden in his acceptance speech promised he would make everyone wear a mask – yeah, I’m really going to vote for someone who promises to do that. Then his speech is hailed as historic, etc, because he was able to read a teleprompter for 20 minutes – what a joke and a farse.

  4. the nonsence will never stop unless WE stand up against “them”. I am 79 years old and very healthy so I do carry a loose fabric mask in my purse in case I HAVE to wear one. Anyone who is healthy should push back as they are able in each circumstance. “they” have to see a push back or this will never stop….it will only get worse.

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