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Lights! Camera! Action!

Byron the Quokka here, with the latest from Quokka University! We’re not open yet, but we’re already dreaming up spectacular academic and cultural triumphs that’ll put us on the map before you can say “Abombalbap!” Actually, I’ve heard some people have a lot of trouble just saying that at all…

But hark! Introducing the Quokka University Film Project! Yes, we will create and release an extraordinary feature film, just as soon as we can raise the money for it. We know you’ll all want to contribute, once you hear what the movie’s going to be about. May we have a trumpet fanfare, please?

Introducing [da-tada-da!]… from Quokka U. Studios…

Oy, Rodney: The Catastrophe. Starring a lot of quokkas, koalas, and wallabies! Mel Gibson wanted to direct it, but we’re going for “the Outback Hitchcock,” who needs no introduction so I won’t give him one.

We wanted Rachel Ward to play Lady Margo Cargo, but she ran away. No problem–Rottnest Island’s full of quokkas who can act the hind leg off a donkey.

We realize we have a lot of big old established universities as our competition, and they’ll do just about anything to stay on top. Well, let ’em try! If we can’t do better than Stanford or some other place like that, we don’t deserve to have a university.

4 comments on “The Quokka U. Film Project

  1. An “Oy, Rodney” film? Oy vay! 🙂

    And considering the current length of the novel, I assume the film is going to be an ongoing serial, correct? If not, the audience will have to be supplied with cots, cookstoves, and portapotties for the duration of the showing, which might take days to complete … if it ever does complete, that is. 🙂

  2. “Gone With the Wind” move over, hear comes Byron’s “Oy Rodney: The Catastrophe”. I have been reading in “The Titan” about John D. Rockefeller funding the University of Chicago – maybe you could get one of the Tech Giants to bankroll not only your movie but the Quokka U altogether.

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