Have They Finally Gone Too Far?

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They don’t want you to see it, hear it, or talk about it.

School officials in Rutherford County, Tennessee, are trying to forbid parents from monitoring their children’s education (https://tennesseestar.com/2020/08/15/rutherford-county-schools-tell-parents-not-to-monitor-their-childs-virtual-classrooms/). They demand that parents sign a form agreeing not to listen in on their kids’ online “virtual classroom” lessons–or else their children will be kicked out of the class.

Public education never runs out of ways to outrage the public. This is the best one yet.

What kind of miserable excuse for a parent would ever agree to such a thing?

Why aren’t they out there in numbers demanding that every clod who played a part in this be fired?

Parents! You pay for this! You pay these morons’ salaries! Why do you put up with this?

They say it’s to ensure the pupils’ “privacy.” What bunk. It’s so they can poison the kiddies’ minds without interference from the parents. They don’t want you knowing what your children are being “taught.”

If we had the sense God gave a fire hydrant, we’d put an end to public schooling now.


9 comments on “Have They Finally Gone Too Far?

  1. They went too far a long time ago. It is a question as to whether their opposition can or will begin to work against all this dopieness.

  2. If I was a parent I would be raising a big ruckus. This isn’t communist China, the parents have every right to know what they are teaching to their kids.

    1. If anything like this had happened when I was in grade school, the parents would have chased the “school officials” out of town.

  3. When I was in grade school, there were a couple of instances when parents sat in for part of a class, and were welcomed. No one was griping about privacy, or anything else. For whatever the reason, the parent wanted to be there and they were welcome to observe from within the classroom. Anyone that wanted to lock my child away from me would no longer be trusted: period!

  4. This would make me very suspicious even if I was someone who isn’t very politically aware of things.

  5. IN my 70’s and NOT a parent, but I would think parents/family would be ENCOURAGED to observe what/how/who is teaching their children? Threats and warnings about family denied access to “public education” is worrisome.

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