‘I’ve Won Another Award!’ (2014)

The Cellar Beneath the Cellar (Bell Mountain, 2) (Bell Mountain Series) by [Lee Duigon]

For the benefit of new arrivals at this blog, from time to time I like to introduce my books, now known collectively as the Bell Mountain series. With twelve titles in print–wow.

I’ve Won Another Award!

I won Global E-Book Awards for the first two books in the series. The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, pictured here, shows the skill of artist Kirk DouPonce at its uncanniest: if that girl on the cover isn’t really Ellayne from the book, then something very spooky’s going on here.

There’s somebody walking around out there who’s supposed to live in my book.

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  1. Your books deserve the awards. I purchased and enjoyed reading the first three novels in the Bell Mountain series last year. I plan to read the rest as soon as I get my first book published, as a treat.

    1. Your persistence paid off. I’ve been working on my series for over 20 years, but I haven’t yet begun the querying process. I have to find an editor first.

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