New Courses at Quokka U.!

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Actually, all the courses at Quokka University are new because we haven’t opened yet. But let me turn the program over to Byron the Quokka–

G’day! We’re experimenting with a course on Leaf Cuisine; but before I tell you about any more of the courses we’ll be offering, I’m supposed to remind you that we’ve got a comment contest going–just 704 more comments and we reach No. 65,000 and someone, it could be you, is a lucky winner!

A very famous celebrity named Brad Something-or-other is going to teach a course called How to Write Good, we’ll have one on Stinky Movies, a lecture series on How to Avoid the News, and a mini-course about French painters that you never heard of. I haven’t, that’s for sure. Bob Matisse? Ginger Renoir? I think I’ll take this course! Felix the Platypus is going to teach it.

Munchable, crunchable leaves will be served with every class meeting!

8 comments on “New Courses at Quokka U.!

    1. Well, I never did teach a whole course on schlock, although I always said I’d like to do it. However, I always tried to include a schlocky play in my real courses on Renaissance drama — partly to provide some context, so students could contrast good plays of the time with bad ones; and partly because students always enjoyed laughing about the schlock.

    2. From what I’ve seen on the website of my old department lately – and the whole university curriculum – it would be hard to get a degree in anything other than schlock these days. But they don’t call it “schlock” now.

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