‘How to Relate to a Liberal’

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Maybe you could talk about salamanders.

Seven years ago it was just embarrassing to be related to a liberal. But that was before Biden voters started burning down neighborhoods. Now it’s getting dangerous.

How to Relate to a Liberal

I suppose we should have more compassion for them, but it’s hard to come by. Especially when they reach for your wallet and try, with all their mind, to erase your liberties.

Well, as Churchill said, the time to be nice to them is after we defeat them.


6 comments on “‘How to Relate to a Liberal’

  1. I heard a caller on a radio talk show way he super loved Trump and his wife super hated him. I can’t imagine living like that. My younger brother gets his news from the “Daily Show.” I just avoid talking politics when with him (he voted for Hillary). Like the saying goes, choose your battles. As praying, interceding Christians we are to always be looking for an open door to share Christ. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were based on the principles of Christianity – now there’s a starting place for discussion.

  2. I miss campus evangelism since this Covid lockdown; I imagine when it goes back to normal, the campus will be more intolerant of my evangelism sadly…

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