More WordPress Woes

If I didn’t have supreme confidence in my own unimportance, I’d swear WordPress was out to get me.

Yesterday it was the ol’ “Make his connection to Facebook go away” trick; and try as I might, I couldn’t get it back. Now you see it, now you don’t. I called up Jill and she couldn’t get it back, either. “Have you posted anything they might want to censor?” she asked. Not to my knowledge. Besides, by then we had a video of babies and puppies, and who would censor that? (Is that one of those questions that you shouldn’t ask?)

Well, we tried this and we tried that. And suddenly the post that didn’t have a Facebook share button had one; but the post that had one a moment ago now didn’t. “It looks like some kind of glitch at their end,” Jill theorized. “It might be gone by tomorrow.”

Voila, it’s gone. Of course, I haven’t tried to post this yet, so who knows what will happen? I’m starting to feel like those hamsters on the wheel up there.

Here we go, let’s see what comes out…

10 comments on “More WordPress Woes

  1. I got this one, with picture of a balloon – haven’t seen much from you this morning, but that doesn’t surprise me since this whole system of mine is acting strangely. My face book is a mess too, and I’m about done with that.

  2. The only way many of these developers can justify their existence is with a steady stream of added features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, the more they add, the worse it gets.

  3. That’s the ultimate end of it.

    I work, in part, on phone systems. For 16 years, I’ve programmed a specific system which was perhaps the best phone system, when it first came out. In 16 years of development, they’ve added a lot of features, but turned it from a robust, easy to use system into a nightmare of features, many of which don’t work all that well, while the cost of support increased steadily. 16 years ago, it was a Mercedes, now it’s more like a Yugo. 🙂

    1. Many years ago, Patty’s friend who was a Bell Labs engineer said the phone system in America was already so complicated, so layered-over, that nobody anymore quite understood how it worked.

  4. BTW, try to convince me that those hamsters don’t know what they are doing and aren’t having fun. They know exactly what they are doing and they are having a good time.

  5. We had hamsters before house rabbits. Watching them zoom around the house, banging into the furniture, was always good for a laugh. With so many phone companies now, I don’t understand how they all can compete – don’t they all use the same cell towers? I remember when calling long-distance was 25 cents a minute.

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