Thank You, Mr. President! Trump Bans ‘Critical Race Theory’

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Boy, did we ever need this! And President Trump has delivered. Three cheers for Donald Trump! Heck, make it six cheers.

The president has directed the federal Office of Management and Budget to stop the teaching of “critical race theory” among government employees (, calling it–as you bet it is!–“divisive” (gee, ya think?) and “anti-American.”

The office is to identify who’s doing it and to cancel any contracts they might have. Put more simply, the president has acted to defund a Far Left cult within the government.

“Critical Race Theory,” another product of a deeply corrupt university system, preaches that the United States is an evil racist country and that white people are to blame, etc., etc. In practice, it takes the form of persecuting and humiliating white people just for being white. And up until now, it has been being “taught” in just about every branch of the federal bureaucracy.

Thank you, Mr. President! Critical race theory is wrong, sick, and evil and does nothing except to provoke people, who would otherwise be at peace, to hate one another. You have removed a malignant tumor from the body of the state.

18 comments on “Thank You, Mr. President! Trump Bans ‘Critical Race Theory’

  1. Yes, we can be thankful for any attempt to return to sanity. We are so-o sick of this insanity in our country.

    1. The first step to putting a stop to this wicked foolishness is to expose it. Who knew this was going on? We thank the president for doing what he can to stop it.

    2. It’s amazing that people accept these self-declared “theories” and act on them as they were true.

  2. I saw Tucker Carlson exposing the teaching of Critical Race Theory on his show early this week. President Trump or one of his counselors must have seen it also because here it is days later and it is now illegal. Give Trump four more years so he can get the Left’s anti-American curriculum out of the public schools, and defund those universities aligned against our Constitution. When Trump says the best is yet to come, he is right if he is given four more years.

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