College Anarchy Course Can’t Spell Gandhi’s Name

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“Mohamed Gandhi”

Washington & Lee “University,” soon to suffer a woke name-change , is offering a course on “How to Overthrow the State,” worth three credits toward your degree (

Students will be instructed in “producing a Manifesto [sic]” and writing an essay that will be “a persuasive lesson on rewriting history and confronting memory.” Translation: “It never happened and you only think you remember it! Capitalist hyena!”

Among the glorious anarchists cited as examples, we find one “Mohamed Gandhi.” This is either someone that we never heard of, or else just an ignoramus’ rendering of Mohandas or Mahatma Gandhi. They’ve also spelled “Mohammed” wrong. Perhaps the anarchy is slopping over into their language.

But hey, “rewriting history and confronting memory” are jolly handy skills to have! For instance: “I already paid my tuition and I don’t care if you have no record of it, your records are all wrong!”

College–making America dumber, feebler, and more contemptible by the day.

5 comments on “College Anarchy Course Can’t Spell Gandhi’s Name

  1. Parents today should urge their children to eschew college and instead go to a trade school or do an apprenticeship in order to learn a marketable skill and also learn how to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, today’s parents of pre-college-age children are young enough themselves to have come through a school system in its decline and don’t know any better.

  2. I do agree with you, Phoebe. The trade school, apprenticeship plan worked wonderfully well in Germany for many years.

  3. The BLM supporters need to find out how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. patterned his civil rights movement after Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence teachings. I remember when growing up how I was in awe of universities like Washington & Lee. Now I see them as producers of crazy people.

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