Ohio Mulls COVID ‘Camps’

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Don’t forget your tunneling tools, Ohio!

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What is it with Democrats, that they’re always trying to spring criminals from jail and lock up normal people? Something about that really turns them on. Remember–Franklin Roosevelt ordered the internment of thousands of law-abiding American citizens just because of their Japanese ancestry. But of course Lenin beat him to it be some decades.

Now we’ve got the governor of Ohio and his henchmen looking to set up “non-congregate shelters” (huge applause for you, if you can find that in the dictionary)–as yet another draconian measure against the COVID-19 virus (https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/paula-bolyard/2020/09/05/get-ready-fo-covid-19-fema-camps-n896287). To some, these sound like “FEMA camps.” To others, the special concentration camps the Chinese communists have set up for the Uighurs and other minorities.

But these camps will “shelter” 1) persons who test positive for the virus, but don’t require hospitalization; 2) persons who have been exposed to the virus, but don’t require hospitalization; 3) and “asymptomatic  high-risk individuals needing critical social distancing as a precautionary measure”–for instances, persons 65 or older who have existing health risks.

That ought to cover just about everybody. Certainly most of the population of Ohio. I mean, how do they know whether someone has or has not been “exposed”?

This all goes on under the Ohio Revised Code, whose vague and sometimes outmoded language has been used to justify all sorts of anti-COVID craziness. Some of those measures have already been annulled by judges. Closing all the gyms, for instance, was described by one judge as “impermissible, arbitrary, and oppressive.”

Now, who gets shoved into these, er, “shelters,” and who doesn’t? Well, that’s to be left up to “local health officials.” Hmm…. Oh, come on, now! No way anybody would ever bribe those officials to keep ’em out of the camps! And probably they’ll be really nice camps, too! Marshmallow roasts, ghost stories around the ol’ campfire, amateur theatrics…

And what if you don’t want to go to camp?

Well, what’s the point of being in government if you can’t force people into camps? I mean, if you’re gonna have gulags, they ought to have some inmates.

Another weird thing about Ohio: they keep electing Republican governors, who then turn around and govern like really wacky Democrats. Why does that keep happening? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    1. Lock up all the deplorables! Lock up all white people! In fact, just lock up everybody and throw away the key! Then we’ll have utopia!

      Oh–but don’t lock up any criminals.

  1. There is definitely something going on.

    Massachusetts has elected more than one “Republican” governor who turned out to be Republican in Name Only (RINO’s). Once in office they undermined all the great progress made by a great American named Ray Shamie, who rebuilt the Republican party in Massachusetts and got it on a good financial footing in the 1990s.

    Once the RINO’s got in, they rented an exorbitantly priced state office suite, massively wasted the funds that had been raised, and supported candidates for state office who were just like themselves, while undermining the good guys and gals. We have been in a political mess here in Massachusetts ever since.

    At least we do have a great fighter now in charge of the state GOP. But the RINO governor tries to undermine him at every turn.

    Is it a national strategy of Democrats, maybe? The old Trojan Horse thing? I wonder if Troy ever learned its lesson. Will we?

  2. Those college campuses that they’re exploring for possible sites…. A friend of mine has pointed out that OSU’s campus includes their massive hospital system and extensive medical research complex. She speculated on whether the camps — I mean shelters — might even provide (ahem) research subjects for experimental treatments and other projects. I know this sounds paranoid, but then, mandatory “non-congregate shelters” would have sounded paranoid a year ago.

  3. The Obama Ad. wanted to expand public schools into a replacement for the family. Students would stay until 6:00 pm and be provided with entertainment, sports, medical care, and overnight shelter for those who needed it. If Hillary would have won those same plans would have continued (it takes a village). You can see why the Democrat Party is for shutting down all school choice programs.

    1. That was Arne Duncan all the way–secretary of education who wanted to make the whole country like Chicago. I don’t think he believed families actually existed. I say that as someone who once interviewed him for Chalcedon.

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