‘Loopy Thinking Gets Around’ (2013)

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Remember the solar eclipse of 2017?

Remember the kooks who said it was a hoax?

Loopy Thinking Gets Around

Well, heck, why not? The Russia Hoax was going on, at the time. And our civilization hasn’t gotten any saner since then. Still, faking a solar eclipse that was seen across North America–that’s really stretching it.

5 comments on “‘Loopy Thinking Gets Around’ (2013)

  1. It’s astounding, but mainstream civilization has reverted to superstition and irrational fears in a big way. It would be impossible to fake a solar eclipse, but I’m afraid that a lot of people are so poorly educated that they couldn’t comprehend it.

    I’ve spoken to flat earthers and walked away shaking my head. Nothing will get through, because these people are making a choice. They feel validated by rejecting obvious truth and promoting falsehood.

  2. Conspiracies abound in a fallen world, even under the guise of Christianity. There is a group called “Faithful America” who have a petition signed by 10,000 people to remove Franklin Graham from the ministry. This group teaches Jesus was for the stranger, which includes LGBTQ. These organizations are wolves in sheep clothing who state that voting for Trump for President is immoral.

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