It’s Never a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ When *They* Say It

Bill and Melinda Gates | National Portrait Gallery

Would you buy a used planet from these two?

By now most of you know that uber-globalists Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage.

And I’m wondering what happened to all those reports, over the years, of Bill Gates saying we gotta use vaccines to reduce human fertility and depopulate the earth, etc. ( But there’s nothing out there but self-proclaimed “fact checkers” who never fail to “discover” that nobody at Far Left Crazy ever says or does anything bad.

See, I’d have a problem taking a medicine promoted by some guy well-known for saying we have to cut the human race down to size. So suddenly all those sayings have disappeared, except for where they’re brushed off as “conspiracy theories.”

Honk if you have ever seen the Russia Hoax written off as a conspiracy theory only believed in by Democrat wackos.

So now, unless years ago you had the foresight to preserve Bill Gates’ remarks about the need to reduce the population–and I didn’t–you have no way to know for sure whether he ever really said those things. Sorry, but I see no reason to trust the “fact checkers.”

And we are still looking for some reason, any reason, to believe that COVID is the most deadly disease ever to confront humanity, requiring unprecedented, extraordinary, and even bizarre measures to stave off extinction.

They’ve never proved that to us, have they?

If anyone out there, anyone at all, can produce a reason to trust the global government crowd, hey, I’d love to hear it.

Dem Senator Accuses GOP of ‘Sedition and Treason’

Cynthia (Jeanne) Jeanne Shaheen | TheHill

Projection–the art of accusing other people of doing what you’ve done, or plan to do–is one of those things that Democrats do best.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has accused Republican senators, who question the fraudulent election of China Joe Biden as president, of actions “bordering on sedition and treason” (

She declares the election “a free and fair election.” I’m surprised she wasn’t struck by lightning, saying that. Republicans who question the election, she added, “should be sanctioned.”

But of course cooking up a phony Russia hoax and bogus impeachment, and pursuing it for the better part of a year–ah, heck, no sedition there!

President Trump raked in over 70 million votes last month. Democrats insist China Joe got 80 million. This is a towering lie. Let’s see some of those Biden voters! Hundreds of thousands of them, if not millions, were computer-generated–not real. The computers also switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden.

We are supposed to let them get away with stealing an election. The evidence of fraud and cheating has been piled as high as the sky. No rational person, no one who is not an ignoramus, can deny it. And so they tell us, yeah, okay, there was a little tiny bit of fraud but nowhere near enough to affect the outcome of the election.

So we are expected to tolerate “some” fraud in our elections? Some? How much is some? Why should we tolerate any fraud at all? And not only tolerate it, but reward it?

This travesty of an election is the most grievous crime ever committed against the United States, and it must not stand.

Go ahead, Jeanne–launch some treason trials. Surely you’ve got enough corrupt, partisan judges for that. Go ahead and ruin our republic. Go ahead and try.

‘Loopy Thinking Gets Around’ (2013)

See the source image

Remember the solar eclipse of 2017?

Remember the kooks who said it was a hoax?

Loopy Thinking Gets Around

Well, heck, why not? The Russia Hoax was going on, at the time. And our civilization hasn’t gotten any saner since then. Still, faking a solar eclipse that was seen across North America–that’s really stretching it.