I Love My Work

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1)

I went outside early today because I thought it might rain, torched a cigar (as Mike Shayne used to do so well), and settled down to work on Behold!, Book No. 14 in my Bell Mountain series.

I wasn’t expecting much from this scene, it was just Prester Jod having breakfast with a guest whose identity I can’t divulge without committing a spoiler. I had to get on to something more exciting, and, as is my custom, asked the Lord to give me the story that He wants me to tell.

Well, He certainly did that. The plot suddenly shot off in a new direction. It was something I’d been thinking of, on and off, but as yet had no idea how to pull it off. Next thing I knew, it practically wrote itself. And I had the excitement I’d been looking for, finding it in an unexpected place.

I really love it when a book does that.

Now I have to stop and work on a book review for Chalcedon; but it was a lovely place to stop.

Thank you, Father.

5 comments on “I Love My Work

  1. There’s no feeling quite like having solved a problem. Most of mine are technical, these days, and not artistic, but even technical solutions can certainly be creative. Frequently, the solutions follow having prayed for help. FWIW, many of the giants do science were devout and prayed to our Creator, as well.

  2. I know what both of you are talking about, although I am in no way in the same class as either of you. A lot of my questions are simple, but the Holy Spirit has been revealing some exciting things to me in the Word
    lately. My technical questions are usually answered too, but I still don’t understand how the solution happened.

    1. One thing I’ve noticed is that people all over seem to be gaining an increased understanding of the word. I don’t think that’s a happy accident.

  3. No, I don’t think it is an accident either. The Holy Spirit is preparing us for the times ahead.

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