‘The Devil Knows He’s Toast’


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As bad as things are, they could be worse. Much worse.

Look at all the terrible things Satan’s servants, the Far Left, have tried to do, were sure they could do–and haven’t been able to.

The Devil Knows He’s Toast

Probably the best thing to happen to my country in my lifetime was the non-election of Hillary Clinton. Imagine if 2016 had turned out otherwise. Then do everything you possibly can to re-elect President Trump.

Evil is running wild today–because the Devil knows his time is almost up.

[Confidential to Steve: I still read Freddy books. I read “Wild Animals I Have Known” several times when I was a boy, and I don’t know why–didn’t all those stories have unhappy endings?]

7 comments on “‘The Devil Knows He’s Toast’

  1. This is why I am willing to at least consider that we are in another phase of God’s plan. There has been plenty of bad to go around for a very long time, but it seems to be happening in more places, now. Europe is in real trouble. The US is having problems that bring back memories of 1968, only it seems more widespread, this time.

    1. In my opinion, something has changed, not only in the Democratic Party, but also in the thinking of many, many people. There are some unsavory characters in the political arena right now, but they got there because of voters whom do not have values which would take exception to the dirty politics being practiced by so much of the political establishment.

      The political situation is a reflection of how nation’s character has eroded.

    2. We didn’t arrive at where we are because of some sudden action. This has been going on for a long time. When I was in school, during the sixties, they still taught civics, but the seeds of the Leftist mentality were being quietly sewn. I was indoctrinated with environmentalism 60 years ago, with Weekly Reader articles that warned of environmental collapse. I remember the room I was standing in when I read this, so I know that was happening while I was in 1st Grade. By the time I was in high school, even though I was very much a Conservative by nature, I still believed some of what had been force fed to me during my school years. Over time, I realized that none of the environmental predictions of doom and gloom had come true.

      Turning things around is not going to happen overnight and I don’t believe it is even possible in purely human terms. With God’s help, it can be done, but without turning to God for help, it will certainly not happen.

  2. On September 26th there is a giant prayer meeting taking place in our nation’s Capitol called “The Return.” Returning to our Christian roots as a people is the answer to America’s ills. Jesus told the leper who returned to Jesus to give thanks for his healing, “You faith has made you whole.”

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