‘More of Your Tuition Dollars at Work’

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Phoebe makes a great point about capers that seem really cool now might come back, years later, and bite you in the tuchas. Job prospects, reputation–kiss ’em goodbye. And all thanks to college!

More of Your Tuition Dollars at Work

So, yeah, we’re “in loco parentis”–the key word being “loco”–so let’s have the kids pose nude for our dirty little magazine–because this is higher education!

We could get rid of 90% of our “higher education” apparatus and be a better, saner country for it.

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  1. In times past, someone that did something of that nature might spend the rest of their lives fearing that it would come to light. These days, there are plenty of people whom would see such a thing as a badge of honor. The fact is, pornography has been accepted by a lot of people, in our day, but I expect that the long term results of participation will not be so easily ignored. Life has a funny way of catching up to us. Some try to tie it to mysticism by calling it karma, but as we sew, we reap. It’s not really all that mystical if we think in those terms.

    It’s common for people to become more conservative in their values once they get past the days of their youth. We see it all the time. But that leaves the problem of dealing with the effects of actions in the past which may have long lasting effects.

  2. I’d almost forgotten what I’d said — had to go take a look. 🙂 And then I remembered an encounter I’d had with one of my undergraduates in the 1990s. He and several other students in the creative writing program had started an undergraduate “alternative” magazine called “SMUT,” with a subtitle listing some innocuous words supposedly leading to that acronym (I can’t remember what the words were). I tried to tell him that this was not a very good idea, since later on he’d be presenting his credentials for a career job or graduate school, and he wouldn’t be able to use his editorship of the magazine on his résumé — or if he did use it, it would discredit him for any serious position. He just laughed it off and, as far as I know, the magazine never changed its name. That was over 20 years ago. I wonder what he thought about it later.

    1. It’s always amazed me that so many of the youth of the sixties and onward moral high ground and were going to show up their parent’s with all of their high-minded notions, but then they made a beeline for vice and corruption. Drugs, pornography and selfishness arose almost instantly in this counter-culture and led many into deep problems.

      One thing we can never outrun is our past.

    2. You were probably just a year or two too young to have been in College circa 1970. Ugh! And all those idiots grew up and became professors and teachers and some even became parents… and what an accursed mess they made of everything they touched.

    3. That was just slightly before my time, but I remember that zeitgeist. It was pretty bad. I would have thought that these people would have outgrown it, but no such luck.

  3. Periodicals such as The Rolling Stone and the New Yorker recommend seeing “Cuties,” a movie on Netflix that shows 11 year-old girls in sexually provocative ways. These articles complain of “right-ringers” not appreciating a coming of age movie. I imagine Gov. Newsom of Calif would like it since he signed into law lowering the penalty for adults having sex with underage youth

    1. I don’t find that surprising. I have had the suspicion that legal protection of minors would be reduced and that the social proscription against sexual activities between adults and minors would be eroded. It’s sickening.

      Such things are damaging to children. One of the saddest things in my life was a person I knew that had been sexually abused as a child. This poor person had a terrible life and died very young. Some of the things she told me were tragic beyond belief. The potential for damage when children are exposed to sexual activity is almost beyond imagination.

    2. It’s thought that sexual abuse of children leads to changes in brain development, affecting the amygdala. I’ve seen the effects of this firsthand and it’s not a pleasant sight. The effects may not happen right away and, in fact, may not manifest fully until someone is in their 30s or later. Having seen the results with my own eyes, there is no way I would ever be convinced that this practice is anything but harmless.

    3. Nothing new under the sun. Fornication has been a constant throughout history. What has changed in our era is the fact that contraception is more effective than ever before. The connection between sexual activity and reproduction is all but extinct in our time. This is why abortion is such a hot button issue; it’s the last resort when contraception fails. No matter what, people don’t want sexual activity and reproduction to ever be linked again.

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