‘President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future’ by Stephen Turley

President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future: How the 2016 Election Signals  the Dawning of a Conservative Nationalist Age: Turley, Dr. Steve:  9781981807154: Amazon.com: Books

Do we really have a post-secular future? From Dr. Turley’s pen to God’s ear!


He makes quite a few strong arguments, which I’ve touched on in this book review. For him President Donald Trump epitomizes a world-wide conservative, nationalist, religious, and traditionalist blowback against the bashaws and mandarins of secular globalism.

There must be, has to be, millions and millions of people who’ve had it up to here with political correctness, open borders, lousy trade deals, and ruling class arrogance–who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

But first we have to overcome the existential threat posed by mail-in voter fraud…

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  1. I have felt for some time now that there will be one final awakening\harvest before the rapture occurs and the events of the tribulation play out. I think Trump is where he’s meant to be for such a time as this. If I’m right, then Trump will get re-elected and all the schemes to stop him will be foiled. If God wants him there, no amount of voter fraud will stop it. Of course this also requires our participation to do the things that we need to do.

    1. Christians have wasted a lot of time and many opportunities to act, waiting for the rapture. When Our King returns, let Him find us at our posts, working.

    2. True enough, we can be expectant for the rapture but we are also commanded to occupy until He returns. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

    3. That’s a good point. Jesus told us to be on the watch and I take that as written. Obviously, we can’t hold our breath while we wait, but we can still remain in expectation. Like yourself, I feel that there will be an awakening before Christ returns.

      By having this awakening happen at the 11th hour, so to speak, there is an actual advantage, that fact that there would not be time for these newly awakened ones to politicize their newfound faith. Even as I wrote, I am seeing signs that there is a spiritual awakening. People are waking up and questioning the traditions of mainstream denominations and demanding a return to biblical teachings.

      I expect this to grow.

  2. I hope he’s right. One thing I know for a certainty is that this world seems to cycle between movements and points of view. In 1979, it looked very bad and I did not expect good times to happen again in the foreseeable future. Then everything changed and things remained relatively good for decades.

    Then, in 2007 there was an economic setback, followed by even worse news in 2008. Suddenly, everything changed and changed drastically; almost overnight. I saw it, not only in the news, but from direct observation. Neighborhoods in had known for years as comfortable and safe became hotbeds of criminal activity. I recall a small town where I had rented lodging for years because of its safety and quietness that suddenly became infested with crime and a palpable sense of unease that was obvious te moment I arrived. Other neighborhoods of my acquaintance have become likewise infested with drugs and unsavory activities.

    For many years. I puzzled over just what happened to turn things around in the late seventies and early eighties. I know that the character some of these people brought to our political scene was of the highest order, but why were the politicians and leaders of that time able to succeed when so many before them had failed. I have come to believe that there are larger forces at work in all of this. Perhaps events in the spirit realm are reflected on earth.

    Michael Medved has written at length about the amazing events which allowed the United States to win their independence and to prevail against slavery in the Civil War. I recommend Medved’s book, The American Miracle to explain some of the illogical events that allowed the US to form.

    But I wouldn’t claim to know what the future will be. I believe that without some sort of turnaround, things could get very bad. Christianity is under assault worldwide and I don’t believe for even one moment that we would survive at all without God’s providence and intimately, His deliverance.

  3. This is an amazing book coming from someone like Stephen Turley who is not all that pro-Trump, but he is pro-American, pro-reason, and pro-law&order. There are many intelligent men like him who are conservative but they get blackballed. Dinesh D’Souza told Trump he needed to start a major News network when he leaves office in 2025 to give Conservatism a bold voice.

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