‘Our Impoverished Children’ (2012)

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Public school teachers may never get around to teaching any history, math, or reading; but they do find time to “teach” children that “Communism has some really good ideas!” Once upon a time they’d chase you out of town for that.

Our Impoverished Children

Originally public education promised universal literacy and all the riches of several millenia’s worth of history, tradition, and lore–for everyone. Well, how did that turn out? Can you find a 10-year-old in public school who knows who David and Goliath were? Sheesh, my mother taught me all those things!

Yeahbut, yeahbut!

Yeahbut what? The storeroom’s empty, sunshine.

4 comments on “‘Our Impoverished Children’ (2012)

  1. If one thing marks our time, it’s a tepid relationship to almost anything empirical, unless it comes from the PC counterculture. History should be about facts that are known to happen, and presented as such, but now any history presented is watered down and tentative. Biblical history is presented as mythology, in spite of archaeological discoveries which support the Bible.

    Children raised under such circumstances have no datum points; no way to measure their life against anything else. They are stuck in a constant “now” with no reference to history. Such children are ill equipped to make sound decisions, but are easily influenced to points of view that appear to counter the established order of things. If you want to learn more about this, go and read the news; there are plenty of examples to be found there.

    1. It’s the lack of teaching critical thinking that is the culprit. All the knowledge the student needs is on the Internet to be mined by the inquiring mind. Teach children to read and then children can read to learn on their own.

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