Prof Defies ‘Diversity’ Bullies–and Wins

jeffrey poelvoorde - News Break

He wins, the bad guys lose.

How about a little good news, for a change?

A professor of politics at Converse College, South Carolina, has kept his job after refusing to take “mandatory diversity training.”

Associate Professor Jeff Poelvoorde called the mandatory indoctrination “an assault to the dignity and intelligence of the professoriate, in fact, an insult to anyone’s intelligence and dignity” (

Three cheers.

The college had threatened him with termination if he didn’t take the so-called course; but when he stood up to them, they backed down. They must’ve known they couldn’t possibly win an inevitable lawsuit, and didn’t want to shell out for damages.

Could we have a lot more of this, please! Here’s a brave man who’s shown the way–follow him through the breach. “Diversity training” is garbage that has to be scooped up and thrown away forever.

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    1. One of the ways communist dictatorships sustain themselves is by forcing people to say things that they know are not true. It undermines their self-respect and reduces their ability to resist tyranny.

  1. Yeah! Three cheers – no, a thousand cheers for a guy with guts. I hope many other people follow his example.

  2. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to do this at my university. it was bad enough just to speak out at meetings. They couldn’t de-tenure and fire me for my speaking out — although I did finally stop getting merit pay increases in spite of all my publications and teaching awards — but refusing to participate in a mandatory training program would probably have given them an excuse to do the de-tenuring and firing.

    1. Lawsuits take forever and cost a lot up front, even with a pro-liberty organization taking the case. And meanwhile I would have been out of a job and no other university would have hired me. I have no family to help out with expenses during such an ordeal. My only option would have been to leave the profession entirely. And I would have had to start looking for another job (or two) as soon as I knew what was coming down the pike so I could quit before the brainwashing began and still leave options open for a return to the profession if it ever went sane again.

    2. Even so, a number of professors have won such lawsuits. I mean, you lost your job anyway, right?
      It would be better if the defense of freedom were not left up to isolated, un-aided individuals. But sometimes that’s all we’ve got.

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