‘College Isn’t Day Care, Prez Sez’ (2015)

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Oh, get a life!

Remember this? Some needlehead complained when the “faith, hope, and charity” chapter, Chapter 13 of I Corinthians–one of the loveliest chapters in the Bible, by the way–was read in chapel!

College Isn’t Day Care, Prez Sez


Yowsah. This was threatening, this was triggering, what did they mean, trotting out the Bible in the chapel? And the college president blew a gasket.

It was only 2015 and the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan was already sick to death of pampered snowflakes whining and whimpering about other people’s religious beliefs. Crikey, he should see it now.

Special Election Season Message: Shatter the Democrats in this election, take away their power–and then we can really get down to the business of carting out all this Far Left Crazy junk and getting rid of it. And the stupid colleges and looniversities ought to be the first to go.

5 comments on “‘College Isn’t Day Care, Prez Sez’ (2015)

  1. Amen. This garbage has to be dumped. We have enough real problems to handle and we do not need the imaginary junk to make the pile look larger.

  2. The noive of some people, reading the Bible at chapel, in a religious institution! The next thing you know, they’ll be saying that when it says thou shalt no kill in Exodus 20, that it literally means that.

    1. Wot abuot Saprasion “of” churtch And staite?? Huh? Like,, the Chapple “it” is “in” The staite rihght??? So thare cant “Be” no relijjin!!!

  3. Three cheers for President Truman’s 1776 Commission to teach our children in public schools how America is an exceptional country. Or as Dinesh D’Souza says, America is the most valuable thing in history that man has created.

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