My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 1 (‘They’ve Just Got to Control Us’)

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What a role model for our time!

Someday our posterity, presuming we have won, will wonder why we didn’t kick up more of a fuss when utopian liberal tyrants took away our freedoms. What could we possibly say to defend ourselves?

They’ve Just Got to Control Us

Ooh-ooh, there’s germs in the environment! Face masks forever! No more public gatherings, except for riots–riots are always permitted.

The future is going to ask us, “You let yourselves by tyrannized by those morons–because of a germ?” And I don’t know how we’d answer that.

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  1. Those who do not understand the prophecies in Scripture will be unaware right to the point when the anti Messiah appears, but there is no excuse for those of us who do know what is coming.

    1. I’m with you on this, Erlene. The changes of the last few years are more than the normal course of events. Things such as this have happened before, but it’s usually been limited to a few places on earth. This is, essentially, a worldwide phenomenon. Almost every country has ridiculous policies limiting even the most basic of freedoms. In the course of my workday, I interact with people all over the world. It’s the same everywhere. One poor fellow has been stuck overseas, unable to return home for 7 months now.

      Beyond that, there is a growing ennui. At the moment, I have several pieces of business I need to accomplish, both work-related and personal. In the case of the work-related business, it means a lot of recurring revenue, but I can’t even get in touch with some of the service providers. In the case of one, a huge telecom provider in the Pacific rim, I waded through 10 minutes of phone menus, and a recording told me that I need to just visit their website. I couldn’t even find a phone number. It’s like they are so prosperous that they can’t be bothered to go after new business. In the case of the personal business, I have money ready and waiting for someone that wants a bit of work, but can’t even get quotes from the contractors. I’ve never seen anything like this.

      At the very least, I would see this as an attempt of the Antichrist to establish worldwide dominion. Jesus told the disciples the signs of the Second Coming, and said when ‘you see ALL these things occur, then you know that I am nearby’. We have seen every part of the sign of Christ’s return throughout history, but now we are seeing them all happen at the same time.

      It’s not just the pandemic; it’s liberalization of drug laws, laws that not only allow sexual conduct forbidden in scripture, but that actually promote it. California, very recently, significantly reduced the protections of minors, with regard to sexual activities with adults. The list goes on. Riots, arson, intimidation and lawlessness are rampant. This makes 1968 look like kids stuff.

      Perhaps it will turn around and we’ll have some peace. That would not be unprecedented. But even if that were to happen, the overall trend has been towards increased lawlessness. This brings to mind Matt 24:12 “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.”

      As to the timeline; Acts 1:7 tells us that we can’t know that, but we can see the signs given by Christ, in person, and they are ALL happening at the same time. BTW, when the Bible says that nation will rise against nation, the word used is ethnos. It’s not just nation states which are at odds, but it is ethnic groups.

    2. It seems more and more of us are noticing that things, and people, have stopped working the way they should–the way they did, just a year ago. It *feels* like our civilization is rotting out from under us. It’s certainly jam-packed with profoundly rotten ideas, these days–pushed by profoundly rotten people. Most of whom want a world government with themselves in charge.

      As for the Second Coming being just around the corner, well, we’ve heard that before, haven’t we? I think what the Lord expects of us is to keep working. Work as if His Coming were to be another thousand years from now.

      He’ll tell us when we can stop.

    3. True, but we were also told that when we saw these things, we could raise our heads, because our deliverance was near. I am no Chicken Little when it comes to this matter. I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when religious leaders raise false expectations. Lives are ruined and can even end prematurely. I’m no fan of Adventism. However, we are literally commanded to keep on the watch.

    4. When this line of thinking really took hold in the 19th century, churches massively surrendered to the ungodly the ownership of most of society’s institutions–claiming it was no use to polish the brass on a sinking ship.

      Press on for the finish line with the sure knowledge that you’ll know it when you’ve crossed it.

  2. There is one sign, when added to all the others, that never happened before; that is the return of Israel to its homeland, which happened in 1948. This is the one that nails it. We do not know just how soon, and we do not need to know, we just need to get ready for however long we occupy earth.

    1. Exactly! I was raised in Replacement Theology, but a friend pointed out that the restoration of Israel was historically unique. Starting from that point, and the obvious fact that Jerusalem is a burden to the nations, as foretold in Zechariah 12:3, I followed the trail wherever the scriptures led me and ended up realizing that this is very significant.

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