‘They’ve Got You Coming and Going’ (2017)

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Here we have a woman who says she’s a man suing a Catholic hospital for not removing her uterus. Once upon a time a sentence like that could not have been written.

They’ve Got You Coming and Going!

Heads the satanically-inspired crazies win, tails you lose. Either you admit this wacko is a “man,” and then get sued anyway because a man doesn’t have a uterus, so if you surgically remove hers, you–oh, never mind.

They’re killing our culture. And if you kill the culture, it’ll kill you back.

3 comments on “‘They’ve Got You Coming and Going’ (2017)

  1. As the leftists keep saying, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is the revolution.” And the point of the revolution is power. The point is to detach people from reality so the power-grabbers can direct the confused and helpless masses any way they want.

  2. Probably the most encouraging thing about the Trump Presidency is the 300 federal judges who are constitutionalists that have been approved, and now Amy Barrett is scheduled to be approved to the Supreme Court making it 6-3 conservative. And in Trump’s next four years he could be appointing another liberal judge on the Supreme Court with a conservative. This is how important it is for Trump to be re-elected.

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