‘Silenced in Seattle, Gagged in New York’ (2013)

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A “progressive” treat: a dictionary with blank pages

One of the basic techniques employed by leftids to make people crazy and wreck their countries is to turn language upside-down and inside-out. This is done with gusto wherever Democrats rule.

Silenced in Seattle, Gagged in New York

For a word to be of any use at all, it must have a specific meaning and exclude all other meanings. Otherwise you wind up saying “I’d like a poke in the eye, please” instead of whatever it was you really wanted.

Democrats like to ban “potentially offensive language,” and never mind that every single word in the Oxford English Dictionary is “offensive” to somebody. But only people who have been made truly crazy can appreciate left-wing policies.

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  1. I really like the one about never saying the word “dinosaur”. Young Earth Creationists love the subject of dinosaurs and love it even more since the discovery of elastic tissue in fossils, calling into question the deep time estimation of the age of these creatures.

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