Violence! (Against Face Masks)

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I couldn’t find a picture of any anti-face mask protest. Must be just too dreadful to see. Let the happy puppy take over.

Heard this on the radio the other day: Orthodox Jews in New York, angered by continual restrictions on their religious activities, have protested by setting fire to piles of face masks ( The, ahem!, nooze on the radio described it as “violence.”

These are the same noozies who call it “mostly peaceful protests” when Antifa and Only Black Lives Matter trash a city and beat people nearly to death.

The governor and mayor of New York, both Democrats, of course, wish to continue quarantining healthy people until there are no more Chinese Doomsday Virus cases. Given that that can’t ever possibly happen, we are entitled to believe they want to quarantine people forever.

The, um, “violence” consisted of people yelling at a “reporter,” calling him a snitch, and chasing him out of the area. Hardly like burning down half of Wisconsin, is it?

In times past you fought contagious illness by quarantining the people who had it. In 2020 the brilliant idea was to quarantine people who didn’t. Now we’ve had seven months of it and some of us don’t like it.

Look for mandates, quarantine, and restrictions to go on for at least several more years if Democrats win this election.

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  1. Trump says the cocktail he received is a cure for Covid-19, and he is having it manufactured in quantities to send to all the hospitals in the land and to the military branches. If the cocktail is true then there will be no need for a vaccine. Time will tell.

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