Olbermann: Trump Supporters Must Be ‘Prosecuted and Convicted’

Keith Olbermann Trashes Former MSNBC Colleagues Maddow, Kornacki - Accuracy  in Media

More than just a little crazy

It just gets worse and worse. The Democrat Party doesn’t need a psychiatrist. It needs an exorcist.

Dig this quote from TV lefty Keith Olbermann: “Trump can and must be expunged. His enablers… the Mike Lee’s, the William Barr’s, and the Sean Hannity’s and the Mike Pences… and the Amy Coney Barrett’s must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society” (https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/10/09/keith_olbermann_terrorist_trump_and_his_enablers_and_supporters_must_be_removed_from_our_society.html).

Do you think we can still afford to lose this election? Do you think our republic can survive with crazies like this in power?

Prosecuted for what? Convicted for what? Yeahbut, yeahbut, that’s law, dude! We aren’t going to do law anymore! Prosecute ’em for being… whatever! And remove them from society! Uh, for what? Shut up, he explained.

Unlike you or me, Olbermann can get in front of a TV camera and sell this schiff to millions of people at a time (if they can find some way to get millions of people to watch it). He wouldn’t have that forum if the bad guys weren’t using him to test the waters. Has the time come yet to jail everyone who votes for Trump? Stalinism, American-style–are we there yet?

These people must be totally defeated. God help us if we don’t.

6 comments on “Olbermann: Trump Supporters Must Be ‘Prosecuted and Convicted’

  1. The people of God need to take note of His Word, pray, repent, and believe that He will take charge. Remember the incident where the enemies of Israel were attacking, the people trusted God, and HE destroyed 185,000 of the enemy over night. He has not changed.

    1. I’m not going to wish for a plague that wipes out 185,000 deluded Democrats. I just pray for their utter confounding and defeat.

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