Are We About to Be… Lemmings?

This video has no sound, but it still speaks eloquently enough.

These are lemmings jumping off a cliff, into the sea. Now all they have to do is swim across the sea. They’re going to die.

Will America someday do the same? Will we do it this November? Vote in the candidate and the party that stand for riots, high taxes, Green New Deal, packing and destroying the Supreme Court, letting robbers and rapists out of jail so they can jail persons for having the wrong opinion on Climate Change, or using the wrong pronoun–I mean, hey, everybody, Democrats have either already done these things or stated their intention to do them. And if enough Americans vote for them–the human equivalent of a mob of lemmings dashing into the sea–well, that’s all she wrote, boys and girls: America is over.

Forbid it, O God.

6 comments on “Are We About to Be… Lemmings?

  1. What I worry about are the “mail-in” ballots — a way to escalate the tactic of boxes full of fake ballots to be brought in if Trump seems to be winning, and the trashing of Trump ballots to keep him from winning. It’s been done before in state elections, so there’s no reason to think it won’t happen at the national level.

    1. This is because Democrats have no interest in maintaining our form of government, let alone our distinctive American culture. They hate our country and want to destroy it.

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