‘A Really Lousy Vision for America’ (2014)

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Big Government in the 1930s–Hitler and Mussolini. Stalin couldn’t make the photo op.

“Progressives” have only gotten miles crazier since I wrote this in 2014.

A Really Lousy Vision for America

There are only two things you can do with an insatiable lust to dominate others: enter into an abusive marriage, or get elected to public office. Most of us are born without this lust. But as citizens, most of us are victims of it.

As Thomas Jefferson once pointed out, where the people fear the government, you find tyranny; but where the government fears the people, you have liberty.

They have lost their fear of us, and that’s why they so freely abuse us. You know what happens with leopards or alligators that lose their fear of human beings. “Progressives” are like any other predators. We really do need to rein them in.

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    1. I’ve come to see the masks as the mark of the Beast, except that we can still — so far, at least — take the masks off when we leave the facilities that require them.

    2. I wonder at times. Speak out against politically correct causes and your life will be descended upon by an Internet mob demanding justice. I could definitely see a situation arising where the PC Left rushes to accept a “mark” of identity.

      Being, as I am, quite interested in the Gog of Magog prophecy, I could see that easily shaping up in our time, with a literal mob invasion of Israel. Such a move would guarantee the God would respond.

  1. Karl Marx believed the government could change human behavior and the halls of legislatures are full of people that believe like Marx. During the 1918-1919 pandemic masks we mandated to protect our soldiers who were fighting in WWI, but after the war when mask wearing was still required in the western states an “Anti-Mask League was formed in San Francisco. If you didn’t wear a mask you were a “mask slacker.” They even has mask burning bonfires.

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